Formerly Known as White Rock Concrete Form Rentals

Formerly known as White Rock Concrete Form Rentals, we have been providing concrete form rental services since 1987, for projects all over British Columbia and beyond.

Professional Staff
Our staff is happy to serve you from the first point of contact, until the end of the job and beyond.
Why Our Customers Choose Us
We provide above industry standard customer service, on time delivery, and a large inventory of high quality concrete forms.
Fair and Competitive Pricing
Offering the most competitive pricing to help build your foundation on a budget.
About Canadian Concrete Form Rentals

Concrete Form Rental Services

55' Reach Crane Truck Services
With the help of our crane trucks and experienced operators, we are able to deliver forms in the toughest to reach places.
Layout Plans Drawn to Scale
Free layout plans, drawn to scale with each order.
Free Estimates and Technical Support
Send us a PDF copy of your plans, or call us for a free estimate.
Form Tie Sales and Waler Bar Rentals
Offering 6", 8", 10", 12" and larger sizes of Quick Strip Ties, along with 2', 3', 4' and 8' Waler Bar lengths.